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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.
The following products have been found matching your search "Scilla": 88
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Siberian Squill 'Alba'

Scilla siberica 'Alba'

£4.90 *

Siberian Squill

Scilla siberica

£3.70 *

Misczenko Squill

Scilla mischtschenkoana

£3.90 *

Alpine Squill 'Rosea'

Scilla bifolia 'Rosea'

£5.40 *

Alpine Squill 'Alba'

Scilla bifolia 'Alba'

£4.90 *

Alpine Squill

Scilla bifolia

£4.90 *

Autumn raspberry Schlaraffia® Plentiful

Large yields are guaranteed!

From £7.90 *

Rose Schwarze Madonna®

Hybrid tea in velvety red

From £24.40 *

Rhododendron repens 'Scarlet Wonder'

Rhododendron repens 'Scarlet Wonder' is about 70 cm high, but grows very wide-spreading.

£17.90 *

Rhododendron 'Schneegold' (Knap Hill Azalea)

Cross between: Rhododendron luteum 'Saint Ruan' x Rhododendron luteum 'Cecile'

£24.40 *

Schlaraffia Grape Muscat bleu

The best blue table grape for all locations

£15.90 *

Schlaraffia Grape White Sky

A white, very delicious grape

£15.90 *

Schlaraffia Grape Seyval blanc

The white table grape for almost all locations, even for high altitudes

£15.90 *

Schlaraffia Grape Dirju Campbell Early

Early Americano or Ticino grapes with the largest leaves and giant fruit

£19.90 *

Schlaraffia Grape Magliasina

Classic Ticino grape; pergola vine

£19.90 *

Schlaraffia Grape Buffalo Blue

A good, blue-coloured table grape variety

£19.90 *

Bundle with 8 Schlaraffia Table Grapes

A grape assortment with different fruit colours and ripening times

Instead of: £131.90 * £114.90 *

Damson 'Cacaks Schöne' (self-fertile)

Bears fruits the fastest

From £19.40 *

Schlaraffia Grape Michurinskiy

The grape for high altitudes, new in our assortment

£19.90 *

Schlaraffia Grape Blue Sky (syn. New York Musc)

Early grape with a nutweg flavour, new in our assortment

£15.90 *

Scotch Broom 'Andreanus Splendens'

Cytisus scoparius 'Andreanus Splendens'

From £16.40 *

Schisandra chinensis WuWeiZi 'Take 5'

Promotes libido / cleans the vascular system

£20.40 *

Schmidt Bosnian Pine 'Schmidtii'

Pinus heldreichii var. leucodermis 'Schmidtii'

£32.90 *

Schlaraffia Grape Datteltraube Oasis

Pergola vines like in Ticino, Switzerland

£19.90 *

Schlaraffia Grape Blue Dream (seedless)

A very healthy, seedless table grape

£19.90 *

Schlaraffia Grape Grosso Kodrianka

Seedless, giant clusters of grapes that weigh up to 1.5 kg!

£19.90 *

Schlaraffia Grape Grosso Arkadia

White, giant clusters of grapes that weigh up to 1.3 kg!

£19.90 *

Schlaraffia Grape Grosso Frumosa

Aromatic grape, sweet with a flowery touch of nutmeg

£19.90 *

Strawberry Parfum SchweizerHerz®

Red on the outside, white in the inside - very tasty!

From £9.90 *

Hapet® Schwarzer Peter - Ball Dahlia

Vase dahlias - especially for cutting

£5.90 *

Strawberry Parfum SchweizerDuft® 6-Pack

Early maturing and extremely aromatic

From £10.40 *

Pear Schweizerhose (Ornamental Pear)

Design patterns like the Swiss Guard

From £28.90 *

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