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Californian Lilac 'Gloire de Versailles'

Ceanothus delilianus 'Gloire de Versailles'

From £21.40 *

Lilac Prince Charming TM

Prince Charming, a petite dwarf lilac

From £14.40 *

Lilac Victor Lemoine

A charming French lilac with a purple-pink flower colour

From £16.40 *

Lilac Souvenir d`Alice Harding

A white-flowered French lilac

From £16.40 *

Lilac 'Sensation'

Syringa vulgaris 'Sensation': a sensational looking and smelling lilac with...

From £16.40 *

Lilac Schöne von Moskau ®

A stunningly beautiful and fragrant Russian lilac

From £42.90 *

Lilac Schneekönigin ®

A fast-growing, pure white lilac

£14.40 *

Lilac Prince Wolkonsky

A French lilac with a charmingly beautiful flower colour

£16.40 *

LIlac Président Poincaré

A charmingly beautiful French lilac with attractive, bushy panicles

£16.40 *

Lilac President Lincoln

A light blue-violet American lilac variety

£16.40 *

Lilac Perle von Stuttgart

A German lilac with pink flowers

£16.40 *

Lilac Paul Thirion

A French lilac with deep red buds and violet flowers

£16.40 *

Lilac Nadezhda

A charmingly beautiful Russian lilac

£16.40 *

Lilac Mrs. Edward Harding

A beautiful French lilac with dark red flowers

From £16.40 *

Lilac Mme Lemoine

A decorative, white-flowered historical lilac

From £16.40 *

Lilac Mme Florent Stepman

A pure white Belgian lilac with beautiful, small flowers

£16.40 *

Lilac Mme Antoine Buchner

A beautiful, white-flowered historical lilac

£16.40 *

Lilac Michel Buchner

A historical lilac with light purple flowers

From £14.90 *

Lilac 'Katharine Havemeyer'

Syringa vulgaris 'Katharine Havemeyer': a French lilac with a purple flower colour and...

From £16.40 *

Lilac General Pershing

A beautiful French lilac with double, violet flowers

£16.40 *

Lilac Frau Holle ®

A magical, white-flowered lilac

£16.40 *

Lilac Flamingo ®

An elegant, moderately vigorous American Lilac

£16.40 *

Lilac Charles Joly

Rich blooming historical lilac variety with dark red flowers

From £16.40 *

Lilac Boule Azurée

Slightly fragrant, blue-blooded, French Lilac

£16.40 *

Lilac Blue Skies TM

An American lilac with lavender blue flowers

£16.40 *

Lilac Aucubaefolia

Blue-blooded French lilac

£14.40 *

Lilac Andenken an Ludwig Späth

Very hardy, beautiful historical lilac

From £16.40 *

Lilac Amethyst

Intensely fragrant historical lilac

£14.40 *

Lilac City of Toronto

A Japanese lilac with creamy white flowers and yellow autumn colouration

£16.40 *

No image available Lilac Syringa reflexa

The arch-shaped lilac that is wonderful for honey bees

£16.40 *

Lilacs Miss USA ®

White-flowered, American lilac (= 'Agnes Smith')

£16.40 *

Lilac Miss Canada

An American lilac with tubular flowers

From £16.40 *

No image available Lilac Minuet

An American lilac with a rich red flower colour

£37.40 *

Lilac Alba

A slow growing dwarf lilac with a white flower colour

From £14.40 *

Lilac Miss Kim

A lilac from Korea

From £16.40 *

Lilac, Dwart Lilac 'Palibin'

Syringa meyeri Palibin: a bushy, dainty dwarf lilac

From £30.40 *

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