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Lubera® Novelties

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Aubergine 'Applegreen'

Solanum melongena 'Applegreen', the greenish aubergine with early ripening and a high...

From £4.90 *

Aubergine 'Casper'

Solanum melongena 'Casper', the mild, white aubergine with snow white flesh

From £4.90 *

Aubergine 'Cookstown Orange'

'Solanum melongena 'Cookstown Orange', the orange aubergine with the taste of bell pepper

From £4.90 *

Aubergine 'Diamond'

Solanum melongena 'Diamond', the aromatic, dark purple aubergine variety for growing...

From £4.90 *

Aubergine 'Edirne Purple Striped'

Solanum melongena 'Edirne Purple Striped', the best striped aubergine variety

From £4.90 *

Aubergine 'Japanese White Egg'

Solanum melongena 'Japanese White Egg', white, egg-shaped fruits

From £4.90 *

Aubergine 'Little Fingers'

Solanum melongena 'Little Fingers', the extremely fertile dark purple aubergine for pots

From £4.90 *

Aubergine 'Ping Tung'

Solanum melongena 'Ping Tung', the eternally long aubergine with a fine sweet aroma

From £4.90 *

Beefsteak Tomato 'Orange Wellington'

Solanum lycopersicum 'Orange Wellington' - the orange, flavourful beefsteak tomato

From £4.90 *

Blue Passion Flower

Passiflora caerulea: breathtaking flowers from the tropics that are tolerant to cold

£31.90 *

Callistemon laevis

Bottlebrush: too beautiful for its name

£35.40 *

Camellia japonica 'Black Lace'

A perfectly beautiful common camellia

£24.90 *

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