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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.


Feuerdorn kaufen If you buy a Firethorn, you will get a versatile woody plant that has a lot to offer visually. Beautifully ornamental, it has a considerable amount of delicate, fragrant flowers in May and June.
Firethorn 'Orange Glow'

Pyracantha coccinea 'Orange Glow' with a large amount of orange fruits

£21.90 *

Firethorn 'Red Column'

Pyracantha coccinea 'Red Column' has red fruits

£21.90 *

Firethorn 'Soleil d'Or'

Pyracantha coccinea 'Soleil d'Or' forms bright, yellow fruits

From £21.90 *


More useful information about Firethorn

The result is glowing fruits in rich, warm tones, which provide beautiful splashes of colour on the plant up until the winter. The dark green, shining, evergreen leaves are stunning too!



Buy Firethorn – An Evergreen Shrub With High Luminosity

With the magnificent appearance of the Firethorn, you can create attractive, dense hedges that provide perfect privacy all year round. As a specimen plant, it also cuts a fine figure, especially since the plant is very tolerant to pruning and thus fills every place to the extent desired. By nature, Firethorn grows rather bushy, but it can also be cultivated on a trellis as a decoratively shaped woody plant.

All in all, the Firethorn is an unpretentious plant that can even cope with a dry location. The shrub is also ecologically valuable: pollinators like to visit the flowers and birds love to raise their offspring in the impenetrable shrubbery – the fruits also serve as a source of food.

Discover the many design options with Pyracantha coccinea, the Firethorn, and take a look at our Lubera range – this popular shrub is available in various fiery fruit colours, which can also be wonderfully combined with each other:

• A very well-known Firethorn is the variety 'Red Column', which is splendid with its fiery red fruit decoration and it is suitable for narrow, medium-sized hedges

• ‘Orange Glow’ Firethorn already shines from afar with its light orange berry fruits

• 'Soleil d'Or' scores with golden yellow fruits and a pronounced robustness

• 'Teton' grows more compact than other varieties. It has orange-yellow fruits and is particularly suitable for cut hedges

General Information About Firethorn

Feuerdorn kaufenThe Firethorn is a member of the rose family. There are about 10 species worldwide, but in our gardens we only plant cultivars that are crosses of four wild species. The Mediterranean Firethorn has its origin in South Eastern Europe; the other species are found in China and Taiwan. The root system of the woody plant penetrates deeply into the earth. Most Firethorns that are planted in gardens reach a height of about 3 metres. A Firethorn grows as an evergreen shrub or small tree. Its growth form is sparsely branched and relatively upright. The growth per year is 20 to 50 centimetres.

The name Firethorn derives from the botanical name "Pyracantha". The syllable "Pyr" comes from Greek and stands for fire, "acantha" in Latin means "thorn".

In fruit growing areas, you should know that the Firethorn is not immune to fire blight. However, 'Soleil d'Or', 'Red Column' are not very susceptible to fire blight and the variety 'Teton' is considered resistant.

Use For Design

When you buy a Firethorn, you have many design options. Although the plant is not a climber and grows rather bushy, it can be used for beautifying facades. For this, a climbing aid for inserting or tying up the shoots is needed. The Firethorn has flat growth, which can also be cut into interesting shapes.

Location & Planting

Firethorn is robust, easy to care for and adaptable. It grows best in a sunny to partially shaded spot on normal, well-drained garden soil. The soil pH can be slightly acidic to alkaline. If the soil is very nutrient-poor, you should improve it during planting by mixing in humus or compost.

In the semi-shade the shrub produces fewer flowers and fruits than in full sun. It is tolerant to dry periods and heat. Even in the winter, it shows good frost hardiness, however young plants should be slightly protected in the first years.

If you use Firethorn as a hedge plant, you should plant two to three specimens per running metre. Before planting, the thorns of the Firethorn should be considered; it should be planted in a location in the garden where it will not be disturbing.

Caring For Firethorn

If you buy a Firethorn, it needs little care. On sandy, lean soils, you should give the Firethorn compost or other organic fertilisers every spring. Only in a strong heat period the shrub will require additional irrigation.


Basically, pruning promotes the branching, which is desirable especially in a hedge. It is best to cut your Firethorn after flowering with a standard hedge trimmer (work gloves are recommended because of the thorns). Also cuts to the old wood can be done – the shrub will grow back well. Always pay attention to bird nests or breeding birds.

The cut compatibility is very pronounced with a Firethorn – here you can get creative and produce innumerable geometrical forms with the help of the trimmer. Pyracantha can be pruned without any problems and it is very stable. However, a shaped cut will result in fewer flowers and fruits.

Fruits Of The Firethorn

The fruits taste quite sour; therefore we do not recommend consuming them. The pure pulp – and all other parts of the plant – is not poisonous. However, the seeds contain substances (cyanogenic glycosides), which can lead to vomiting and a bad stomach when consumed. Those who are not deterred by it, can make a jam from it, as long as the seeds are sifted out. It is reported that firethorn and sea buckthorn jam can be quite a culinary delight.

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