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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Broom 'Allgold'

Cytisus praecox 'Allgold'

Broom 'Allgold'


Article number: 16630


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Product information "Broom 'Allgold'"

Cytisus praecox 'Allgold' is an upright growing deciduous or evergreenshrub with small loose, overhanging, green branches. The abundant, yellow, pea-like flowers appear from April to May. Slight pruning after the bloom keeps the plant compact; otherwise is has a tendency to “fall apart”.
This broom reaches a height of approximately 1.5 m and is just as wide. It tolerates drought and loves light, sandy soil; it is frost-hardy and can also be grown in containers on terraces
  • Flowering Period April, May
  • Final height 120cm to 140cm
  • Final width 120cm to 140cm
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Plant Type deciduous
  • Use beds/borders, outdoors, for cutting and drying, as a specimen plant
  • Hardiness hardy
  • Soil moderately heavy, light, neutral, acidic, slightly acidic
  • Location full sun
  • Flower Colour yellow
  • Leaf Colour green

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