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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.


Buy Weigela at Lubera

When you buy a Weigela, you get a wonderfully flowering ornamental shrub, whether for the garden or the terrace.

Weigela 'Alexandra'

Weigela florida 'Alexandra' - a very compact Weigelia variety with purplish red to...

From £19.90 *

Weigela 'All Summer Red'®

Weigela florida 'All Summer Red' - a dwarf weigela

From £19.90 *

Weigela 'Bristol Ruby'

Weigelia 'Bristol Ruby' - rich blooming, ruby red flowers

£19.90 *

Weigela 'Ebony & Ivory'

Weigela 'Ebony & Ivory' has bright white flowers and purple-coloured leaves

£19.90 *

Weigela 'Magical Rainbow'®

Weigela florida 'Magical Rainbow'® forms yellow-edged leaves and pink flowers

£21.90 *

Weigela 'Monet'

Weigela florida 'Monet' has colourful leaves and pink flowers

£21.90 *

Weigela 'Pink Poppet'

Weigela florida 'Pink Poppet' - a dainty dwarf shrub, ideal for balconies

£19.90 *

Weigela 'Snowflake'

Weigela florida 'Snowflake' forms lush, white flowers in May and June

£21.90 *

Weigela 'Victoria'

Weigela florida 'Victoria' - a wide, bushy, small shrub

£14.90 *

Weigelia 'Nana Variegata'

Weigela florida 'Nana Variegata' - green leaves with yellow edges and pink flowers

£19.90 *

Yellow-flowered Weigela

Weigela middendorffiana has cream yellow flowers

£19.90 *


More information about Weigela


With its perfectly shaped flower calyxes in fantastic colours, a Weigela is extremely decorative in its own right, but it also likes to show off its qualities as a hedge plant. When planting you have many design possibilities, as these plants are available in different growth heights: while the strong-growing variety 'Bristol Ruby' can grow up to 3 metres high, the small shrubs of the Weigela are also perfectly suited for growing in a pot on the balcony. The flower colours range from a brilliant white to magnificent shades of pink and a delicate yellow.

A Weigela from the Lubera garden shop

In our garden shop, you will find many types of these plants to meet many requirements. W. florida 'All Summer Red' is a compact growing shrub which, as a tireless continuous bloomer, is a colourful enrichment for bedding and containers; Nana Variegata has variegated foliage and a lovely pink flowering; 'Pink Poppet' is a delicate shrub that blooms twice a year with its abundant, pretty flowers - it is ideal for pota and small beds.



These plants branch out strongly. Depending on the variety, they form different heights and widths: some varieties grow rather compact and closed, while others grow outwards in a star shape. The long shoots, some of which are arching and overhanging, develop magnificent flower clusters in late spring or early summer.


Location and soil


These plants are extremely adaptable: they love a sunny location, but they can also cope with sunny to semi-shady sites, although the flowering is somewhat sparser there. The ideal is a fresh, nutrient- and humus-rich soil, which is slightly acidic to slightly alkaline. Basically, they are quite tolerant of any soil, as long as it is not waterlogged or permanently too dry.


Planting and care


The optimum planting distance corresponds to half the growth width. Dig a generously sized planting hole and plant the watered root ball into a nutrient-rich soil (enriched with compost). Then water it and, if possible, immediately apply a layer of mulch around the plant to keep the soil moist longer. As Weigela tend to form a flat root system, one should avoid soil cultivation in the root area if possible. Only in persistent dry phases during the summer months do the shrubs have to be watered additionally. Weigelas plants in containers must be watered regularly. Frost protection measures are not necessary. These hardy shrubs can also cope with very low temperatures.


Fertilisation is recommended before flowering. The application of compost in early spring is very suitable. When keeping the shrubs in pots, a liquid fertiliser containing a lot of potassium and nitrogen can be applied from time to time.




These plants tend to age, therefore a cut is necessary. About every three years, cut off the oldest branches near the ground in order to thin out the plants. Pruning increases the willingness of the plant to bloom and it also stimulates the growth of the shrub. Weigelas are very tolerant of pruning, so pruning can be radical from time to time. If you buy one of these plants, you should prune it back immediately after flowering - then a second, rich flowering can occur in autumn. After that, it will sprout again and use the new shoots to create flower buds for the coming spring. Over time, it will also develop shoots that grow vertically upwards directly from the ground. The total number of these shoots should be limited so that the shrub keeps a light crown.

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