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Seed Potatoes 'Sarpo Kifli'

An extremely productive, aromatic variety for containers and raised beds

Seed Potatoes 'Sarpo Kifli'


Article number: 2200433


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Product information "Seed Potatoes 'Sarpo Kifli'"

An extremely productive, aromatic variety, especially for growing in pots and raised beds
The Sarpo® Kifli potato variety is the modern version of the variety Bamberg Hörnla: long, croissant-like tubers, gourmet qualities, creamy, fine texture, a rather low dry matter, therefore suitable for cooking and potato salad. Sarpo® Kifli produces a very high yield and is suitable for a second crop from summer (June to July) into the autumn months; and this variety is always distinguished by its special 'new potato flavour' (yes, you know exactly what I mean). Just imagine how you can make a potato salad with Kifli by leaving the skin on the long tubers and cutting the potatoes into small pieces. There must be some mouthwatering going on...
Benefits of the potato Sarpo® Kifli:
• Creamy white flesh
• The “new potato taste” whenever you harvest
• Fine-skinned, which must not be peeled e.g. when making potato salad
• Good overall resistance
• High yield and good shelf life
• Suitable for growing in pots and raised beds
Short Description

Medium early
Cooking type:
Good for:
Potato salad, salt potatoes, boiled potatoes, can be eaten with or without skin
Typical of Sarpo Kifli is the “new potato taste”, which always distinguishes this variety whenever it is harvested
Creamy, fine-celled, with a rather low proportion of dry matter, ideal for potato salad
Very high productivity, great yields
Shelf life:
Sarpo® Kifli can be easily stored until spring; Kifli has a very high sprout inhibition as well as the other Sarpo varieties, so it remains very calm and therefore hardly has any storage problems
Medium to strong growing
Planting in April leads to a harvest in late August; thanks to the very high fertility, Sarpo Kifli can also be used well for a second generation of crops starting in July/August, which are then harvested late in autumn
high tolerance to late blight; good overall resistance to other diseases, snails and viruses
  • Available February, March, April, May, June

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