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Seed Potatoes Solosana 'Sarpo Axona'

The red-skinned potato with resistance to Phytophthora

Seed Potatoes Solosana 'Sarpo Axona'


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Product information "Seed Potatoes Solosana 'Sarpo Axona'"

The most robust potato for good yields and storing, red-skinned
It can hardly be said otherwise: while other potato varieties are usually super in one or two aspects and must be combined and complemented by demanding potato gardeners in the garden and kitchen, Solasana® Sarpo® Axona is suitable for every purpose: it has vigorous growth, it is resistant to Phytophthora infestans (late blight) and many other diseases. Axona ripens medium to late, with a very high yield and it has an excellent taste.
Originally bred by the famous Hungarian potato breeder Dr. Sarvari, the father of all Sarpo® varieties, and later introduced in England and Europe by Sarvari Trust and Dr. David Shaw, Axona is the most successful and most consequential late blight resistant variety to date. In the autumn of 2017, Sarpo® Axona was proclaimed the "best buy", by far the best recommendation of all resistant and tolerant varieties, in the cultivation test of the well-known English consumer magazine Which Gardening. This was due to its disease tolerance, but also because of its yield and flavour. The Which Magazine does not write any other judgments, but organises its own sets of tests for such articles in order to come to a substantiated and factual judgment.
The advantages of the potato variety Solasana ®Sarpo® Axona:
• Resistant to the most important potato disease, late blight, Phytophthora infestans
• Vigorous, ground-covering, healthy growth, therefore high assimilation performance
• Healthy growth until autumn, very high yields
• Excellent storage capability thanks to long dormancy
• Aromatic flavour
How much yield can the Sarpo Axona potato produce?

Of course, this depends very much on the soil and on the care, and ultimately on the gardener...however one plant or tuber can easily produce 8 to 10 large tubers; 10 plants produce about 100 tubers. That in turn is about 10 times for a family of four. This means: with 10 seed potatoes you are quickly supplied with potatoes for 5-10 weeks, whereby of course it depends on how often you want to eat potatoes per week?
Short Description

Rusty red to brown on the outside, a little rough; thick skin, ideal for a reliable and long storage period, but also for a damage-free harvest.
Light yellow
White, sometimes very fine, pink, shimmering flowers
Sarpo® Axona also produces very large potatoes for baking, as well as medium and small tubers. What is more of a disadvantage in commercial cultivation is a definite advantage in home gardening. Sarpo® Axona has the right product for every household use.
The harvest of Axona falls into the main crop of the medium to late varieties, which, of course, have the greatest harvest potential. Because of its resistance to Phytophthora, Axona grows very healthy for a very long time and the yields continue to increase. In order to come to an end and in order to harvest despite the healthy deciduous growth, the still green leaves are cut away in September, followed by the ripening of the tubers in the soil; this means that the skin, which always had to adapt to the tuber growth, becomes firmer for storage and the potatoes can be harvested after about 2-3 weeks. This ensures perfect shelf life. In addition, Sarpo® Axona (like all Sarpo® varieties) has the advantage that it has a pronounced sprout inhibition, so the potatoes remain very calm and healthy during storage.
Cooking Type: Floury, not "waxy", so rather not suitable for boiling, since it then would absorb too much water, has a high dry matter content
Good for:
Fried potatoes, chips, hash browns, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes
Intense potato flavour
Shelf life:
The potato variety Sarpo® Axona has a pronounced natural sprout inhibition. So if other varieties in the cultivation of crops must ensure dormancy using chemical means (dusting), Axona remains natural and absolutely calm 4-6 months after harvest, usually even longer. Incidentally, this is an advantage that distinguishes all Sarpo® varieties.
Especially if you let Solasana® Sarpo® Axona grow longer in autumn, the yield is always greater and gigantic at the end. The reason is clear: where the leaves of other varieties are eaten by Phytophthora sometime in the summer or autumn, yes downright burned, the resistant variety Axona remains healthy; it assimilates sunlight without end and produces bigger and bigger tubers.
Sarpo® Axona has very strong growth, so we recommend that you plant it at a slightly greater distance than other varieties. Thanks to its almost absolute resistance to Phytophthora, it just keeps on growing. It covers the soil very quickly and well, and it also suppresses the weeds. Especially at the end of the growing season, when sometimes the rain erodes the potato stems a bit and exposes the top growing potatoes to the light (then they turn green and are inedible), dense mulch is beneficial because it prevents the potatoes from becoming green.
Axona is resistant to late blight (Phytophthora) and thus to the greatest enemy of potato cultivation in our moderately cool and humid climate; in addition, it is resistant to snails, has good resistance to viruses and Axona is also resistant to silver scurf, leaf curl and potato virus Y.
  • Available February, March, April, May, June

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