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Ornamental Sweet Potato Treasure Island 'Manihi'

Ipomea batatas 'Manihi' - attractive, dark foliage and orange flesh

Ornamental Sweet Potato Treasure Island 'Manihi'


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Product information "Ornamental Sweet Potato Treasure Island 'Manihi'"

The ornamental sweet potato Treasure Island 'Manihi'Ⓢ has very dark, almost black, finger-shaped leaves. One is almost tempted to think of the leaves of Japanese maple trees! This sweet potato variety is a striking eye-catcher for window boxes, balconies and gardens. Especially in contrast with colourful flowers, be it Pelargonium, Bidens or Dipladenia, the unusual leaf colour appears exceptionally intense. Together with white or pastel-coloured flowers, interesting arrangements can also be created.
Manihi' has many useful values: the dark leaves of the sweet potato Treasure Island 'Manihi' Ⓢ can be eaten like spinach. It is very healthy and rich in vitamins and minerals. The tubers of this sweet potato variety, which are bright orange in colour, are also considered superfood thanks to their high content of beta-Carotene. They can be used to make as smoothie, eaten raw as salad or cooked for various traditional and exotic recipes.

Here are the advantages of the sweet potato variety 'Manihi':
  •     Bright orange flesh with a high beta-carotene content
  •     Dark, almost black leaves, rich in vitamins and minerals
  •     Highly decorative, especially together with colourful flowers
Short description of the sweet potato 'Manihi':

Vegetation period: 'Manihi' needs about 120-130 days until harvest
Growth/health: Good resistance to nematodes and soil-borne diseases, has little insect infestation, almost black, maple-like, slit foliage
Location: Prefers light soil and a sunny, warm location
Yield: Large, fairly thick tubers
Tubers: The skin is beige-orange, the flesh is bright orange in colour and rich in beta-Carotene
Flavour/suitability: Sweet and mild. Excellent for raw food, juices and smoothies, but also for cooking and baking or grilling.


Growing in a pot Pot cultivation is useful in a container with a volume of at least 7-10 L. Remember that it needs enough volume to allow the tubers to develop freely. In addition, when planting the young plants you should also take care to spread the roots well; otherwise the potted ring growth can lead to shapeless tubers.
  • Ripeness/Harvest Period September, October
  • Available May, June
  • Use greenhouses/winter gardens, for group plantings
  • Soil dry, moderately heavy, light, slightly alkaline, neutral, slightly acidic
  • Location full sun
  • Leaf Colour mixed/striped, black, green

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